The Whisky Tasting Club The Whisky Tasting Club

Each selection of five whiskies is carefully balanced to provide an exciting and stimulating range of whiskies and flavours. Every tasting takes a new theme, such as the effect of wood or whiskies of the world.

The selections are structured to develop your whisky knowledge and confidence, enabling you to identify flavours and aromas and work out which whisky styles you prefer.

Bourbon or Japanese? Islay or Irish? It is ultimately all about helping you explore the world of whisky and find whiskies you love. There is no right or wrong, just great whisky.

We will only select whiskies that we feel are the very best available and where we can will include new, limited or extra special releases which you are unlikely to find in high street shops.

We decant the whiskies into 50ml bottles. We give you a decent measure of each so you can share it with a friend, drink it slowly or make a night of it.

The distilleries we have spoken to are very excited about our venture and are helping us form a wide range of special tastings. We will be offering a range of single distillery tastings such as our Laphroaig tasting. Let us know if there is a special tasting you would like, if the demand is there we will put it together.

Dominic deals with all the PR companies in the whisky industry. When they release a new bottling they will often give reviewers a free bottle. When we get these we will pass these on to our regulars as free bonus samples. Become part of a whisky focus group and taste new releases early!

Looking for a whisky tasting as a gift? We have a wide range of whisky tastings and whisky gift packages to suit all tasting. Our whisky tastings contain four, five andsix whiskies on a theme, tasting notes and background information and start from £20 plus £2.95 Post and Packaging. All whisky tastings are especially selected by whisky journalist and author Dominic Roskrow. Each whisky tasting takes a theme or focuses on a particular distillery.