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How To Drink our Tastings

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy our whisky tastings, it really is up to you. A few suggestions to get you started are given below.

  1. Taste all of the whiskies in one sitting, comparing them as you go. Arrange five glasses in front of you and pour a whisky into each. Nose each in turn, noting the aromas you detect, then taste the differences between them. The whiskies in each regular tasting are specially selected for their differing flavours and aromas so this is a good way to establish your whisky preferences.

  2. Drink half and save half for another time, comparing your impressions over two sittings. Our whisky is supplied in 50ml measures to enable you to do the tasting on two separate occasions. We recommend that you record your impressions to see if they match. In some cases you might be surprised by the degree that flavour perception can change from one day to the next.

  3. All in one go with a friend, discussing your opinions of the whiskies. Tasting with someone else is interesting because everyone's palate is different. A friend might be able to identify aromas and flavours which you didn't initially spot and vice versa.

  4. Treat the tastings as a course in whisky appreciation. Our tastings are structured so that you will try a diverse range of whiskies over a few months. In tasting, the more whiskies you try the more you'll know. All the background information necessary for you to quickly develop your whisky knowledge and confidence is provided.

  5. One at a time, as and when you fancy a whisky, perhaps with a good book, in the bath or beside a roaring fire.

  6. Or you could put your anorak on, sit in silence in a darkened room with a note book, next to a spittoon and look very serious while tasting your whiskies.


The choice is yours, but the anorak is not included.

words by Michelle
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