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Packaging Details

Our standard packs are A5 sized gift boxes contain which fit through the letter box.

We seal the box with a bespoke band, wrap it in brown paper and address it by hand.

We use plastic bottles so that our packs can be small enough to fit through the letter box without any risk of breakage. The bottles conform to EU and US regulations relating to safety, and we are confident that the fact they are plastic does not effect the whisky (read our FAQ for more details). We have never had a single bottle get damaged or leak in the post.

We print the labels in reverse and put them on the back of the bottles. We feel this really emphasises the variation in colour of the whiskies.

We pack our bottles with quality shredded paper then add our notes on top. We can add any personalised message you want to our compliments slip. If the pack is a gift, we can send them direct to the recipient (we do not include an invoice slip or give any details of the cost). If the tasting is the first of a package, we include details of the dates when the later packs will be sent. We can be completely flexible on this, but by default we evenly space the tastings in a package throughout the year.

Here is what some of our customers have said about our packaging.

"Nicely presented"

"Lovely presentation and a real treat."

"I was really impressed with the packaging"

"Must say I'm very impressed with the package, looks professional and authoritative"

"the whisky arrived with the post today and looks AMAZING"

" It's a great product you've got and the packs themselves are really well designed- great to be able to get them delivered straight through the letterbox"