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Links to other whisky sites, blogs, retailers and generally sites of interest to whisky drinkers.

Whisky Blogosphere

. Whisky Fun - Malt Maniacs blog
. Cask Strength blog Joel & Neil's blog
. Nonjatta - A blog primarily on Japanese whisky (in English)
. Scotch Hobbist
. WhiskyCast - Regular audiocasts including an islay festival special.
. Guid Scotch Drink - blog by a whisky taster in America
. Dr Whisky
. Whisky Israel
. Scothchix - blog by 2 female whisky lovers
. Dubber and Clutch's blog
. Scotch Blog - Nice blog but hasn't been updated for a while.
. Whisky for Everyone blog
. Whisky Apostle blog
. Whisky Reviews - Youtube videos.
. The Whisky Wire - Whisky reviews
. Whisky Boys - Whisky news, tastings, views and reviews.
. Malt Imposter - Tasting notes.
. Whisky Intelligence - news on the whisky industry, esp. in America
. Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews
. You tube reviews by Peat Luvr
. Glasgow's Whisky blog
. Whisky Party -site from US bloggers
. Whisky Notes - Belgian blogger who has whisky to swap
. The Maltbank Herald - A whisky blog in Hungarian!
. Whisky Exchange Blog
. Duncan Taylor (independent bottler)'s blog
. Whiskies of Scotland - run by Single Malts Direct

Whisky Websites

. Whisky Magazine
. Malt advocate
. Connosr - social network for whisky lovers
. The Scotsman newspaper
. Scotch Malt Whisky News - site with links to whisky shops
. Gavin D Smith and Tom Cannavan
. Whisky, Whisky, Whisky
. The Malted Muse - podcasts and articles

Whisky Retailers and Companies

. The Whisky Shop - The largest national chain of whisky retailers.
. The Whisky Exchange - The largest online retailer.
. Masters of Malt - up and coming online retailer
. St. Georges Distillery - Have a good whisky shop at their distillery.
. Nickolls and Perks Whisky (and wine) shop based in Stourbridge.
. Bladnoch forum - Bladnoch sell an interesting range of special bottlings through their forum.

More to follow

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