Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. You use plastic bottles. Does this effect the taste of the whisky?

Answer: No. Our manufacturers assure us there is no leeching. Drinks giant Diageo put their whisky in plastic miniature bottles. We have conducted extensive blind tastings to see if there is any effect on the whisky of being in a plastic bottle for various time periods. We could not detect an effect even after four months in plastic (the longest duration we have yet tested). However, we recommend you drink your tasting within two months of receiving it.

Q2. Why not use glass bottles?

Answer: We considered using glass bottles but to do so would mean that the tasting packs would need extra protective padding to be delivered safely. The tastings would be too big to fit through a letterbox with the result that many of our customers would have to rearrange delivery or visit a post office each month to collect their parcel. We want our tastings to be a treat rather than an inconvenient chore. We also like to spend your money on fine whiskies rather than packaging that ultimately ends up in the bin.

Q3. What if I don't like the whisky?

Answer: Our club is about exploring whisky types and flavours. Each regular tasting will contain a range of whisky styles so there should be something for everyone in each pack. We can't promise you will love each and every whisky but we can say you will try an amazing diversity of top class whiskies. If you wish to delve deeper into a specific whisky style our one-off tastings, such as the Arran special, would be the place to start.

Q4. You call yourself a 'Club'. Does this mean I am obliged to buy a certain number of tastings?

Answer: There is no obligation. You can buy as many tastings as you like, either as one-off purchases or on a regular monthly basis. If you buy our monthly tastings you can stop at any time. We call ourselves a Club because we favour a community feel with interaction, forums, feedback, blogs etc and with your feedback shaping what we do. We want to be more than just another whisky retailer.

Q5. Can I send a tasting as a present?

Answer: Yes. Email us with the delivery details and we will send the tasting with a personalised message of you choice (optional). Let us know when you would like it to arrive and we will post it accordingly.

Q6. Can you send tastings overseas?

Answer: We can send to Europe, email Pat for more info. If you want postage outside of the EU please contact us for pricing.

Looking for a whisky tasting as a gift? We have a wide range of whisky tastings and whisky gift packages to suit all tasting. Our whisky tastings contain four, five andsix whiskies on a theme, tasting notes and background information and start from £20 plus £2.95 Post and Packaging. All whisky tastings are especially selected by whisky journalist and author Dominic Roskrow. Each whisky tasting takes a theme or focuses on a particular distillery.