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The town of Campbeltown, situated at the end of the Mull of Kintyre peninsula, is actually its own whisky region. This might sound odd given its size and the fact that it currently only has three working distilleries; one should, however, take into account that the Lowland region also only has three working distilleries (although more are planned) and that Campbeltown once had more than 30. It was, for a time, considered the whisky capital of Scotland.

The jewel in Campbeltown's crown is undoubtedly the Springbank distillery which produces oily and complex whiskies, full of salt, peat and coconut. In fact Springbank distils three entirely different whisky styles under one roof. In addition to Springbank, they also produce the more heavily-peated Longrow and the unpeated, triple-distilled Hazelburn. Just down the road is Glen Scotia which has enjoyed only sporadic production in recent times and also the new Glengyle distillery, built on the site of the old distillery of the same name in 2000.

Not all Campbeltown whiskies can be said to conform rigorously to a specific taste profile but if anything characterises them, it would be a smoky and pungent dry saltiness. Glengyle's whisky (called Kilkerran) is still only four years old and consequently at the early stages of development but it does appear to mix the Campbeltown oiliness with a spicy fruitiness.

Small the region may be, but insignificant it certainly ain't. Try five Campletown whiskies with our Campbeltown tasting


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