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We think paying by standing order is best for both you and us. If you pay by standing order you get a 10% discount (£ 27 per tasting). However, we are of course happy to take credit card payments (via paypal). You can stop credit card payments and standing orders any time you wish and we have no control over them, so it is totally secure.

We will send you the first tasting as soon as your first payment has cleared. We aim to be as flexible as possible and give you the whisky you want. You can either choose your tastings from our complete range or let us choose for you. Our regulars get frequent bonus tastings!

Looking for a whisky tasting as a gift? We have a wide range of whisky tastings and whisky gift packages to suit all tasting. Our whisky tastings contain four, five andsix whiskies on a theme, tasting notes and background information and start from £20 plus £2.95 Post and Packaging. All whisky tastings are especially selected by whisky journalist and author Dominic Roskrow. Each whisky tasting takes a theme or focuses on a particular distillery.