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Bourbon Tasting

Try five of the best bourbons from the Bluegrass State.

Rye Tasting

Try, try some American rye. Five great rye whiskies.

Irish Tasting

Go green, sample 5 great, and very different, Irish whiskeys.

World Beaters

Buy a round the world ticket to whisky heaven!

Irish 2

Our second Irish pack with spots, bushes and tears

Bourbon Tasting 2

More Americana with five delicious bourbons

Pat's Premium Pack

5 of the best chosen by Pat. It costs £45 inc. postage.

Grains Tasting

Rye, corn, wheat and barley, explore the effects of different grains.

Tony's Premium Pack

Tony's choice of premium whiskies. £45 inc p&p.

Michelle's Premium Pack

Michelle's selection of premium whiskies. £45 inc p&p.