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Michael Jackson's classic book updated by Dom and friends I've started blogging because we are living through an intriguing and unpredictable time in the drinks world and I wanted a platform to record my thoughts and opinions on the changes that we are going through. This blog hopes to bring a fresh and independent view of the drinks world. Let me just say that I think it is possible to hold independent views but still work with the major drinks companies, but I think you have to be transparent about it.
There are whisky writers who claim that they are totally independent and not in the pockets of any drinks company. I'm really not sure what they're saying. If they’re claiming that they don't receive any payment from drinks companies then they are liars. If they are claiming that they remain independent of the industry despite taking payment, then that's where I would place myself and where the best drinks writers such as Dave Broom and Martine Nouet would put themselves. The World's Best Whiskies: 750 Essential Drams from Tennessee to Tokyo. Out in October

Collin Gem: Whisky, from Confused to Connoisseur Is it really possible to retain credibility while receiving cash from the industry? Yes. As Piers Morgan put it about his involvement with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, what could be better than being paid to promote something you love to drink anyway? Collins Need to Know - Whiskies

WTC went to the Islay Festival 2010 and 2011 and are there again in 2014 . we blogged about our 2010 trip here and our 2011 trip here. Arby eating an Ardbeg box
Barrels outside Laphroaig We report on the special tastings and events we go to and provide information that is hopefully useful to people wanting to go.
The WTC blog will describe Dom's Norwich whisky tastings, any special tastings we do as a group and cover anything related to the club which may be of interest. WTC Blog
Looking for a whisky tasting as a gift? We have a wide range of whisky tastings and whisky gift packages to suit all tasting. Our whisky tastings contain four, five andsix whiskies on a theme, tasting notes and background information and start from £20 plus £2.95 Post and Packaging. All whisky tastings are especially selected by whisky journalist and author Dominic Roskrow. Each whisky tasting takes a theme or focuses on a particular distillery.