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WTC go to the Islay Festival, 2014

we are all going to the festival again! Tony, Michelle, baby Charlotte, Pat, Bex, Jim and Alice are all going to Cross House West for a week of whisky fun, in between responsible childcare of course.

We haven’t been to the festival since 2011 (see our Islay 2011 and 2010 blogs), so are raring to go. If we can get our arses in gear we will do some festival bottling tasting packs, because of course this is a business trip for us. eh hem. We are in fact just doing normal tasting events, no press junkets for us, not though any moral high mindedness on our part you understand, it is just that we are rubbish at attracting or doing any PR at all.

So sod all the exam marking and bugger research grants and papers, it can all wait until June. This is our provisional schedule of whisky events.
Saturday 24th: Lagavulin Day. Nothing formal arranged, we arrive Saturday.

Sunday 25th: Bruichladdich Day. Jim’s masterclass at Bruichladdich.

Monday 26th: Caol Ila Day. Combining visiting Caol Ila with theTall Ship Tasting from Port Askaig.

Tues 27th Laphroaig Day. We are going to Ardbeg heads up tasting as well as visiting Laphroaig.

Weds 28th Bowmore Day, Islay Ales Day. As well as loitering around Bowmore, we are going on a Douglas Laing boat trip.

Thurs 29th Kilchoman Day, Jura Day. Kilchoman 100% Islay tasting

Friday 30th. Bunnahabain Day. Nothing booked!

Sat 31st Ardbeg Day. Ardbeg Knock Out tasting . We are also staying at the Ardbeg Pod!

In addition to this, we intend hunting down Masters of Malt and nicking all their free samples without revealing our true identity :)

I’ll post info, notes and photos as and when I can, but be warned that whisky drinking and looking after a 2 year old do not make for a lot of free time. However, we have cunningly bought two child free couples with us. I will also try and convince others to contribute, we all know Pat’s tasting notes are better than mine.


ps. I’ve also completely forgotten how to customise wordpress, so soz for the lame fonts.

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  • I’m not sure its worth queuing for festival bottlings any more, they are more like standard releases these days. Even when there were only 500 bottles, I picked up a laga festival bottle at 4pm in 2011

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