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Day 8. Sat 28th. Ardbeg

Last day on Islay for all of us, Pat and Bex caught an early flight and we were booked on the 6pm ferry. We were reticent about today. The forecast was grim and it felt like we would have to hang around waiting for the ferry, the earlier sailings being fully booked. As it turned […]

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Day 7. Fri 27th. Bunnahabain

Last full day, and our plan was to visit Bunna before heading off to Jura for the rest of the day. Their open day was thursday, but unfortunately the ferry could not run. The drive to Bunnahabain is possibly the most scenic on the island: a constant panorama of the Paps of Jura and the sound on […]

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Day 6. Thurs 26th. Kilchoman

so today we discovered the true story of Ardbeg’s shorty the dog, went bog trotting, got some of the Ardbeg festival bottling and tasted Port Charlotte 5. But to start, it is the Kilchoman open day. After last years miserable experience  we could not tempt our better halves out to queue for a festival bottle, […]

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Day 5. Weds 25th. Bowmore

Our plan had been to go to Colonsay today, but its not the weather for a boat trip, so it we stayed closer to home and after a walk in bridgend curtailed by a fallen tree, we went to the Bowmore and Islay Ale events. The (affordable and obtainable) Bowmore festival bottling is a 15 […]

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Day 4. Tues 24th. Laphraoig

the biblical weather eased up a bit on tuesday and the forecast promised sunshine with occasional blustery squals (not that occasional, as it turned out), so we head off to the south coast for the day. After filling up with petrol (HOW MUCH?!?) we headed for the south coast to Kildalton cross and then, after almost […]

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Day 3: Monday 23rd. Caol Ila

windy windy windy. So windy you can hardly walk. Raining a fair amount too. We didnt do much today, went to Bowmore for some shopping then went to Caol Ila in the afternoon for a tasting. There is no parking at Caol Ila, this year we had to park in a field in Kellis and […]

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day 2: Sunday 22nd. Bruichladdich day

What promises to be a rare glimpse of the sun made us rush out at 8 am to take advantage. We started with a short walk close to Bridgend to the site of an old fort at Dun Nosebridge. We have a new walks book this year, which is more comprehensive than the one we […]

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Day 1: Lagavulin Distillery Manager tasting

our first official tasting event was at Lagavulin. Originally billed as Women “nose” best due to the gender of the distillery manager Georgie Cranford who was running the event, it was changed to a “masterclass” for reasons unknown, probably corporate. There were about 50 people at the tasting held in a hall behind the distillery […]

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Day 1: Saturday 21st. Lagavulin

So last year we arrived about 3pm in glorious sunshine, raced down to Lagavulin, bought the last two festival bottlings then went for a walk on the beach in shorts and sandals feeling particularly smug. This year we had to catch the 7:00am ferry (due to our incompetence), left the boat to be met by […]

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Islay festival 2011

WTC are off to the festival for 2011. Tony, Michelle and Arby are driving up on friday, Pat and Bex are flying in on sunday. Unless otherwise stated, Tony is writing this. (sorry the formatting is a bit off, I’ll try and sort it over the weekend if I can be arsed). So we blogged […]

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