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Ardfern, Argyll and Bute

Often after a holiday you are quite glad to be going home, but not this time. We both felt we could easily have spent another week on islay. So our islay festival summary: Festival Events: Its between Ardbeg and Bruichladdich for the best festival events, both were fantastically organised, ardbeg maybe had the better attractions and value […]

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Day 8: Ardbeg day

Ardbeg is my favorite distillery and I’ve bought all festival bottlings except Kilchoman, so surely I would get the Ardbeg one? Well no.  Firstly, this is our last day on Islay,  so didnt fancy racing down and back and secondly, I’d heard they were selling at £250 per bottle. Too rich for my blood on a point of […]

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Day 7: Bunnahabhain open day

Miraculously the weather is holding up well, today was mostly sunny if fairly cold (being British I have to start with a weather report). I was rudely awoken at 6 am by arby barking at sheep who had passed right by the window (I left the garden gate open). Our cottage 1 mile out of Bridge End […]

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Day 6 Walks: the Rhinns

So as this was our day of taking it easy, we just chilled out in the morning. The dog does not know what has hit him and was completely knackered, he slept from 6pm last night until lunch time today (apart from our failed morning trip to Kilchoman). It brightened up in the afternoon, so we […]

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Day 6: Kilchoman and Jura open days

I planned this day as our day for slobbing around doing little (and perhaps drinking less whisky). Weather this morning was pretty foul, so seemed sensible to stay in our lovely cottage, throw a few logs on the fire and just relax. Today is Kilchoman’s open day and also Jura’s. Jura are obviously trying really hard […]

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Day 5 walk: Singing sands beach on the Oa

The weather was defying all forecasts, the sun was shining although the temperature had dropped. Our walk today took us onto the Oa, the landmass to the west of Port Ellen. An absolutely fantastic walk, but slightly trickier terrain than the others, we had to scramble over a few rocks, with me carrying our great fluffy wussbag of […]

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Day 5: Bowmore (err…lagavulin)

so a disclaimer, I am really quite drunk while writing this. Its 7pm, we have been to a warehouse visit at laga and the beer event at islay square. Michelle and Arby are both fast asleep, and I am going to have a probably very inappropriate rant. Today was Bowmore’s open day. I’ve always quite liked […]

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Day 4: Laphroaig

Woke up feeling the worse for wear, but a good scottish breakfast soon sorted that out. Laphroaig were running three special events. A masterclass tasting, a trip to Taxa island and a sensory tasting. We were too late to book the first two, but got on the sensory tour for 4pm. Dominic was here as a […]

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Day 3: the Whisky Tasting Ceilidh

So Monday was our big night out. In the evening we left arby to his own devices (much to his annoyance, sorry neighbours!) and got a taxi to Port Ellen for the  Ceilidh. There are only four taxis on islay: Carol MacDonald (07775782155); Stuart Doyle (0771921157); Fiona Livingstone (07808303200); and Lamont Campbell (07899756159). We were lucky […]

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Day 3 Two walks

So monday started overcast. In the morning we walked from Ballygrant to Caol Ila and in the afternoon around Ardnave. Ballygrant to Caol Ila  is a pleasant wood walk past a couple of lochs. From Bridgend, head off on the Askaig road until Ballygrant. Take the first right in the village up Mulindry Drive. There […]

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