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Day 6 Walks: the Rhinns

So as this was our day of taking it easy, we just chilled out in the morning. The dog does not know what has hit him and was completely knackered, he slept from 6pm last night until lunch time today (apart from our failed morning trip to Kilchoman).

It brightened up in the afternoon, so we decided to explore around the north west peninsular, called the Rhinns. Machir bay is a large, wide beach about 500 yards from Kilchoman. 

Its a lovely spot and walking the length of it is a decent short walk on its own. Its usually pretty quiet, but there were lots of people and dogs there today, much to Arby’s delight. The are some waves, its straight out onto the atlantic, and a few surfers have a go. I’m no expert, but the waves didnt look big enough to me.

We then went for a drive around on some bumpy roads. We could not walk out to Saligo Bay as it is lambing time and dogs are banned until next month. We drove round to Sanaigmore bay instead.  There is a single farm house here, about half derilict and half rebuilt. Its amazingly remote, must be a 30 minute drive to Bowmore and 20+ miles to Ardbeg. You walk past the farm onto the very nice smallish beach.

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  • For future visits, there is an absolutely gorgeous beach about 10-15 min walk from there. Just turn left from the car park and head along the coast (the path peaters out after a ruined farm building). It’s a lovely, very secluded bay well protected from the wind. Check out the OS map and you’ll spot it.

  • hi martin, thanks for the tip, is that left from Machir bay or Saligo Bay?

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  • I think he means from Sanaigmore. It’s called Port Ghille Greamhair, may a good half a mile west of Sanaigmore Bay. Beautiful place.

  • Thanks Armin, I’ll make a note of it, sounds lovely. Martin is currently in a cottage on islay with no electricity, so cant reply :) Love your site by the way, one good side benefit of writing this blog is finding so many excellent islay sites!

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