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Day 1 Walk: on the beach at Bridgend

We are staying at a lovely cottage 1 mile out of bridgend called cross house west

its done up really well and is a lovely place, I would recommend it to anyone. It has direct access to the beach, which seemed like a huge advantage for the dog. However, sheep roam freely all around the cottage and the person who dropped off the keys warned us the farmer has no compunction about shooting dogs who worry his sheep. Despite the comedy element of the viz like nature of the warning, it was still a bit shocking that some bloke could shoot my dog for scaring one of his sheep on what seems to be public land. This was bought home when the 6 month old border terrier staying next door escaped and went yapping at the sheep. Thankfully they caught it, but 10 mins later there was the farmer driving down to check it out. I’ve no problem with him protecting his livestock, but surely if my dog did escape and harm his property he would prefer me to re-emburse him rather than killing my dog? So be warned if you bring your dog, the policy is shoot first and ask questions later.

Beach sheep at Bridgend

Anyway, with that warning in mind we set off around 8 pm to walk along the beach of loch indaal, hoping we could make it to bridgend. After negotiating the bogs we made it to the beach, and it was like being back in Norfolk!

Huge expanse of open beaches, I’m in shorts and t-shirt at 8:30 pm and the dog is far enough away from the sheep to be off lead and loving it. Great walk, but check the tides because the beach is so shallow the range from high to low is massive. We walked about 3 miles in total but we did not make it  to bridgend because there was no clear route through the water and bog bordering the beach and it was not apparent from the beach where the village actually was. Fantastic walk in this weather, the whole of the UK is having a heatwave at the moment, but protect yourself from midges whilst crossing the bog, I was fully deeted up but still got a few small bites, we had a small swarm following us, testing out defences despite the insect repellent. We were told that you could walk clear to Bowmore at low tide. It stayed light until about 10 pm which with such great weather was a treat.  The dog is going to get very fit on this holiday as there are so many fantastic walks to do. (I’m writing this sunday afternoon with both michelle and arby fast asleep, I’ll have to wake them in 2 hours to go to Laphroaig!)

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