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Islay Walks

we will not just be drinking whisky, we will also be exploring the island with Arby. Last time we went to islay we found it very hard to find information about walks, until the last day when we found a small pamphlet book with lots of excellent walks explained! e bought it anyway and miraculously still have it, so will try them out. We will post about each one we do so that in the future people like us you can find some info before they go!

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  • I agree – it’s very difficult to work out where to go, even with the book. We tried Ardtalla to Phroaig a couple of years ago. What paths there may be disappear very rapidly and you are left jumping gulleys and streams. We didn’t make it on that occasion, but intend trying again this year. Worth a cautionary note that with the complete lack of mobile phone signal, if one had an accident you could be in trouble. Don’t try it alone (or if you do, tell someone) is what I’m saying, i guess. Not something you normally have to worry about in the UK!

  • sound advice martin, last time we were in Islay michelle turned her ankle in a hidden hole whilst in the middle of nowhere. Luckily it wasnt too bad, but worth being careful. Good luck with the walk!

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