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Book Tour Part 6: St Andrews

Week three is a big step up and has already taken up a considerable amount of time even before I’ve left the house. I have three tastings away from home, so will leave home at breakfast time on Monday and not get home until Thursday afternoon. That means booking three hotels and working out complicated […]

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Book tour part 5: Trafford Arms, Norwich

The final date on my ‘malts to Norfolk’ leg of the tour is at The Trafford Arms in Norwich. The licensee here is Chris, and he really is a top drawer operator, proof that if you know and work your pub properly there’s still money to be made. He has great staff, a fine choice […]

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Book tour part 4: Back in Norfolk

In to week two, and three tastings close to home, but all very different to each other. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about working with the same whiskies night after night but I’m finding it increasingly enjoyable. With five malts and a blend to choose between, and with only three needed for the book […]

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Book Tour part 3: fish balls and quarter cask

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about the tasting at Eddie Gershon’s house, partly because it was the first proper book event, partly because Eddie made it clear that his guest know whisky, and partly because I know little of Jewish culture. I shouldn’t have worried. From the moment his ebullient, larger […]

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Book Tour Part 2

Week 1, Tuesday Nov 16 and November 17 Obviously being a rock star of slightly senior years I don’t gig every night, and indeed I’ve got two nights off before the first serious big evening. I do spend at least part of it talking to Eddie Gershon, who’s the promoter for Thursday and who calls […]

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Book Tour Part One: Rumsey Wells, Norwich

Week 1, Mon Nov 15 Being the saddo I am, I pretend that my tasting events are rock gigs, so now I have a proper tour to do, I’m in my element. I’ve done a whole host of press interviews just like a proper rock star,  and I’ve had two press events including one at […]

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Another day, another whisky tasting

How important are first impressions? Everyone tells me how nice Muswell Hill in London is, but my first experience of it is a hotel bar with just one customer, and he’s drunkenly telling the Asian waiter that nobody messes with him and if the Muslims are cutting heads off they’ll get worse from him big […]


Maxxium sponsors book tour

I am delighted to announce that drinks specialist Maxxium is to sponsor a five month programme of talking and tasting dates in support of The World’s Best Whiskies. Maxxium is responsible for the distribution of Laphroaig, The Macallan, Glenrothes, Highland Park, Ardmore and Teacher’s. I am delighted to have the backing of Maxxium. It is […]

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The World’s Best Whiskies: It’s D-Day!

Dominic’s Day! Dram Day Daring to be Different Day. THE WORLD’S BEST WHISKIES – 750 UNMISSABLE DRAMS FROM TAIN TO TOKYO What do Bon Jovi, Jesse James, Leicester City, Nicole Kidman, the prospective Conservative candidate for Angus and moaning English rugby fans all have in common? They are all featured in The World’s Best Whiskies […]

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D-Day -7: Blaue Maus, Germany

I know a German whisky writer who is extremely well respected in the industry. He is a Keeper of the Quaich, a recognition by the Scotch whisky industry of the contribution he has made to the celebration and promotion of whisky. He is a good man. But he refuses – point blank – to accept […]

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