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Blow your Cooley

Fancy an Irish whiskey green tea finish?  One matured in Belgian Trappist ale casks? Or finished in Cognac and wine? Whether any of these will ever see the light of day remains to be seen, but Irish distiller Cooley is experimenting with whiskey styles at its Locke’s Distillery at Kilbeggan. The distillery was sold to […]

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Who First Made Whisky?

I have just started work on my new whisky book and I have asked various whisky experts to give their view of where whisky came from. The managing director of Bruichladdich Mark Reynier came up with a very unconventional and fascinating insight. So different, I thought I’d share it with you…

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My idea of torture is to be told some confidential information with an embargo. And as that embargo time approaches it is put back again. And again. and again. ‘Tantalise’ is a word I understand better than most. See, the thing is – and I don’t think this will come as a surprise to anyone […]

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Whisky set for a golden decade

Whisky expert and enthusiast Mahesh Patel says that some whiskies will rise up to 20 times in value in the next decade – making it the perfect vehicle for investment in to the New Year. And the entrepreneur, collector, invents organiser and independent bottler says that anyone can get involved in whisky investment if they […]

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Back in the bottle

Glenglassaugh  -pronounced Glen-glassie – today be bottled for the first time in more than 20 years as a single malt whisky. The picturesque distillery was bought more than three years ago by a business consortium but was in a terrible condition. It had been stripped bare and looters and vandals had removed anything of value. […]

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Mackmyra opens new distillery

Swedish whisky company Mackmyra will tomorrow unveil its new distillery with a bang when it holds a party complete with fireworks.   The new distillery,  in an area known as the Mackmyra Whisky Village, will catapult the independent company in to the single malt whisky super league. It will quadruple production for the company from 300,000 […]

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Stars of the bar

The barman has lined up four heavy tumblers and each contains a large ball of ice. He has a glass teapot in top which he has poured his cocktail mix and now he’s pumping apple wood smoke in to the teapot, sending clouds of smoke in  to the depths of the Savoy, leaving us fearing […]

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Dom’s diary, Tuesday October 25: Diageo Special Releases

I know I can do this. It’s a big bottle of water and those flip caps can be tricky. Glass of whisky in one hand, open the water bottle with the other…how hard can it be? CRASH!! The bottom of the bottle slides, connects with a bottle of Knockando, spraying sherried malt on a small […]

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St. George’s is on top of the World

Five whisky distilleries from right across the planet from north to South and from East to West have joined the ranks of Whisky Masters. But the distillery sitting on top of the new world of whisky is English distillery St George’s, which entered four whiskies in the awards and picked up three Masters and a […]

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Ireland Going to Pot

Irish whiskey is staging the biggest comeback since Rocky took on that Russian – and it’s pot still whiskey  and single malt whiskey which are leading the charge. This year’s Spirits Business Irish Whiskey Masters attracted more than 40 Irish whiskeys – up from 28 last year and itself a sign of growing confidence in […]

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