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The elephants in the room…

Or indeed, the issues that dare not speak their name Are people getting a little bit fed up with the heavy-handed tactics of the Scotch Whisky Association? And is it the case that confidence is growing and a rapidly growing force is prepared to stand up to the Association on an ongoing basis? I ask […]

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Here Come The Wizards

My inaugural Wizards of Whisky World Whisky Awards, sponsored by Glencairn glass, start in earnest this week when the first world regions are judged for medals. I launched the awards to cover whisky from every region except Scotland, and an astounding 80 whiskies have been entered, representing Australasia, Asia, Europe, Ireland, Canada, American craft distiilers and non-Scottish […]

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Who are you calling lazy?

To age or not to age? That is the question. Well actually it isn’t – nobody is saying whisky shouldn’t be aged. But there’s a right royal row about to sweep all before it over how much emphasis should be put on the age of a Scotch (and we are talking Scotch – as anyone […]

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Press release published on behalf of Dorling Kindersley: WHISKY OPUS The definitive 21st-century reference to the world’s greatest distilleries & their whiskies Gavin D. Smith & Dominic Roskrow With contributions by Davin de Kergommeaux & Jürgen Deibel Price: £30.00 Publishing: 3rd September 2012 By looking at established whisky-producing countries such as Scotland, Ireland and America, […]

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Distillery Rules

The United Kingdom could be on the cusp of a craft distilling revolution, similar to the one that has swept through America, as growing evidence suggests that the main obstacle to distilling has effectively been removed. You’ve no doubt heard that it is illegal to make whisky on small stills under a certain size. WELL […]


Still Crazy Launch

New online magazine From September I am delighted to announce yet another new project – the launch of a new on-line magazine. Still Crazy will be the officials magazine of my newly-formed craft distillers’ association and will be published six times a year. As with my World Whisky Review, it will be produced in conjunction […]

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Music for Ardbeg

This week the Islay Festival took place and each day a different distillery had its special day. For this year’s Ardbeg day the great Jackie Thomson asked me to match a range of Ardbegs with a classic rock song, a more unusual rock song and an Americana folk/country track. Then she played the music in […]

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Record breakers

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged at The Whisky Tasting Club, at least partly because of my somewhat disastrous involvement with trade magazine The Spirits Business, which I joined as Editor, then was demoted to Whisky Editor. Then they didn’t let me write anything on whisky including the most recent issue’s cover story on […]

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The Dalmore Cigar Malt

One of Scotch whisky’s most iconic and emblematic malts is back after a three year absence – and its re-emergence is being seen as a small victory for the smoking lobby. The Dalmore Cigar Reserve disappeared in a repackaging exercise its parent company Whyte & Mackay in what was widely seen as a drive against […]

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If you were a rich man…

Got a few thousand dollars to spare and fancy the ultimate whisky drinking experience? Then you need to be in Las Vegas on March 2 and March 3. Whisky fans willing to part with £1,300 are being offered the ultimate in whisky luxury with a High Roller ticket at the nth Whisky Show. Among several […]

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