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Isreal Special part 3: interview with Tomer Goren

Tomer Goren is the organiser of Whisky Live Israel, which was held for the second time this year. So how did he think it went?TOMER AND PATSY

Q. What are your thoughts on this year’s whisky Live in Tel Aviv?

I think it was successful and beyond our expectations, although I think there is a lot to improve on for next year.

Q How did it compare to last year? Has it grown?

We had more presenters and stands than last year, and the event was better organised. Last year we had about 4000 people, this year we had more than 6000 people. Next year it will be much better and with more people.


Q. What did you enjoy most about it. What were your highlights?

first of all – the visitors from abroad (you!) – people from the world whisky industry. Also it’s the first time we have has the Best In Show competition and it went well. I think people really enjoyed it and we succeeded in our target of developing the whisky culture in Israel.


Q. Do you get the feeling you are at the start of a ‘whisky revolution’ in Israel?

I wouldn’t call it revolution but a little wake up. We have a long way to go and the Israeli market is too small to be interesting for small distillers abroad so I guess we won’t see a lot of new and exciting whiskies imported to Israel in the next future.


Q. Why did you decide to take up Whisky Live?

There was one big reason – to develop and improve the whisky (and alcohol) culture in Israel.


Q.You looked worried a lot of the time. Was it very hard work and are you glad you did it?

I’m glad I did it even it wasn’t so healthy for me at the time. I had a lot of pressure during the event as all the problems during the event were passed to me to solve. I only really started enjoying it towards the end of the last day.


Q. I hear Richard Paterson is coming next year. Do you expect the reputation of the show to grow and more of the big names coming?

Richard Paterson is not yet locked in for next year and I really hope to see him as I really appreciate the man. I hope to see more and more people from the industry arriving to Israel and promoting their brands here.


Q. Are you considering growing the show in to a bigger venue?

Yes – next year it will be in a bigger venue as it was a bit small this year. I’m also considering going back to the show being a two days event because three days was too long.

Q. Have you got anything you haven’t achieved in the show which you would like to do so in the future?

I would like to see more distilleries from abroad arriving and trying to interest people here, rather than just have the importers representing the brands. I really think this event can open new doors to new markets.

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