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Sweden has restocked its claim to the title of being the world’s leading non traditional whisky making country in emphatic style, with a stunning performance from long established distillery Mackmyra, ably supported by smaller distillers Spirit of Hven.
Mackmyra was awarded four high scoring gold medals for its four entries, and with Spirit of Hven also picking up a big gold medal, Sweden occupied five of the top seven places of the world’s top scoring malts this year.

But Sweden didn’t have it all its own way – Zuidam in the Netherlands also enjoyed a huge amount of success. It picked up four gold medals and three silvers.

A record number of entries were entered in to the European category this year, and it was the largest category in the 2015 Wizards. Half of the gold medals given to single malt whiskies in 2015 were from distilleries in Europe. Perhaps the biggest surprise of 2015 was the performance of a new 10 year old whisky from Brenne in France.

The whisky, from the Cognac region, is not officially released until the Autumn and will be released only in America. But it was the second highest single malt whisky in The Wizards of Whisky, with four judges scoring at more than 90.

The Wizards of Whisky Awards are chosen by a panel of judges after a blind tasting. I do not take part of the judging. To win a Distillery of the Year award the distillery must enter at least three whiskies.

Watch out for the full top 40 Wizards of Whisky World Single Malts, published later today.

Tomorrow: American Craft Distiller of The Year and world’s best other grain whiskey

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