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Top whisky bloggers to judge The Wizards of Whisky awards

Almost 15 top whisky bloggers are set to join the judging panel of the Wizards of Whisky
Awards, making them the most new media friendly awards in the world of whisky.

The new judges bring a fresh, youthful but knowledgeable face to The wizards, which are now in their third year. This year’s competition was launched last week, with judging due to take place in October and November.

I want to make The Wizards the best reflection of what is happening with ‘New World’ whisky. The new judges will join a team made up of a number of established whisky experts as well as members of his VIP team, which has been tasting world whiskies with him for nearly 10 years now.

These aren’t wine people dabbling in the world of whisky, and they’re not the same old dyed in the wool judges that turn up at pretty much all the other Awards events. Each year I look to do something a bit different to freshen things up. There are some very talented people who prefer the internet to pursue their passion and I’m looking forward to their involvement in the judging process. They should shake things up a bit.”

There is still time to apply to be a judge. Simply contact Dom through Facebook or Twitter or email
him at

Meanwhile The Wizards look set to become the biggest yet, with the Independent bottlers’ category, the only
one featuring Scotch whisky,  looking particularly strong.

Three reasons why whisky companies need to enter

The Wizards of Whisky will showcase whiskies from around the world with a unique three-pronged promotional approach.

One – The Wizards of Whisky will be judged by two panels of experts made up of the best bloggers and writers, retailers,
and members of my VIP club, which have been tasting world whiskies for 10 years
and have more experience of world whiskies than anyone else in the country

Two – Medal winning whiskies will be given the opportunity to be included in up to three of my tasting evenings as part of
a 12 date Wizards Of Whisky tour for corporate clients and whisky clubs. There is no additional cost for this, apart from providing stock.

Three- Winning whiskies will be offered the chance to be included a five miniature Wizards whisky pack sold on line by the
Whisky Tasting Club (see There is no added cost for this, apart from providing stock.

What previous winners say about The Wizards

“Competing on an international stage is what sets the Wizards of Whisky apart. It puts you in front of the
entire world. Being recognised by the Wizards of Whisky Competition has been huge for the Corsair Distillery and put us in the big leagues. No one in the industry is as committed as Dominic Roskrow is to world whiskey. His unique voice is always on the cutting edge of international whiskey trends and is vital to a world that is becoming more global.”  
Darek Bell, Owner Distiller of the Corsair Distillery, USA

 “Dominic Roskrow appreciates and feeds the discerning drinker’s appetite for new world whisky, and the people behind it. He is not betrothed to any behemoths of the old world, and captures the fresh flavours, refreshing stories and pioneer processes behind emerging whiskies around the globe. His interest in New Zealand whisky has been greatly valued by me, and extends beyond tasting notes
 and quiet applause, to market advocacy,public relations ideas, and the odd clip under the ear’ol when required”

- Greg Ramsay, Owner of the NZ Whisky Company, New Zealand

For full details of the Wizards email Dom at:

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