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Award winning whisky writer and former rock journalist Dominic Roskrow is set to combine the two great loves of his life when he launches a new whisky and music event later this year.

Called TRIBE 2013, the first event is set to take place in Leicester in November, with a second planned for Norwich in late February. Four events in total are planned for 2014.

TRIBE 2013 will bring a whisky festival to established music pubs and venues. It will consist of a two hour whisky festival followed by a music event featuring three bands. The first event, at The Musician in Leicester on Saturday November 9 will be headlined by the up and coming swing and bluegrass family band The Toy Hearts in one of their first gigs after returning from a six month tour of America. Two other acts from Americana label Clubhouse will also be on the bill.

Announcing the project, Dominic said that he would be calling on members of the Craft Distillers Alliance to support the venture, arguing that it is the ideal platform to introduce new potential drinkers to exciting boutique and innovative spirits.

“I’ve always linked whisky in particular with music, and that link is particularly strong between the drink and Americana and roots music,” he said. “I am calling the event TRIBE because the idea is to create a network of like-minded people who will share new whisky and music experiences, and grow to trust TRIBE as the event to go to to experience the best of both.”

Although the first events will feature Americana bands, Dominic does not rule out the possibility of linking TRIBE to other musical genres, specially in his home city of Leicester.

“I’d love to put on a Sikh or Hindu version of TRIBE in the future but I need to find someone from the Asian community to help me source the right bands and ensure we respect the customs and traditions of the relevant communities. I would love to create a Leicester event that would contribute to its bid for City of Culture status. My boys and I are Foxes season ticket holders now so it’s very much a case of my club, my city.”

Dominic will support TRIBE 2013 with the launch of a new interactive website where music and whisky fans can join his tribe and swop music and whisky reviews and suggest great pairings.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope I’ll gain the trust of whisky fans, music lovers, great bands and top brands so that we can keep music live and create a new route to market for aspiring whiskies from across the world.”

Tickets for TRIBE 2013 include five whisky vouchers and are priced £15. They are on sale now and can be booked by contacting Dominic on 07540 348998 or by email at
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“Whisky and music go together like a hand in glove. Both are best enjoyed with friends. Both are best enjoyed together. And both can contribute to fantastic memories and create great talking points. So I’m surprised more is not done with music and whisky. We are delighted to support Tribe and Dominic and I have no doubt this event will be the first of many which will introduce whisky drinkers to new bands and music lovers to new whiskies.”
Rob Bruce, head of global PR for Whyte & Mackay

“Craft distilled whisky and rootsy-americana, two of my favourite things… what’s not to love about Dominic Roskrow’s TRIBE festival? WIth Dom on hand to give expert guidance to the whiskies on offer, and some of the finest UK- Americana bands providing the soundtrack, this event is certain to be a hit.”
Pierre Thiebaut, founder and director of connosr

“Dominic Roskrow is the Paul Morley of brown spirits.”
Time Out Magazine

“If we’re going to have a Britpop battle between our books for the Christmas number one, Dominic is definitely Oasis.”
Dave Broom, whisky writer and educator

“Dominic has the rare ability of making learning about whisky a hugely enjoyable experience. He makes the subject of whisky just what it should be – a total pleasure.”
Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie

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