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Press release published on behalf of Dorling Kindersley:

The definitive 21st-century reference to the world’s greatest distilleries & their whiskies
Gavin D. Smith & Dominic Roskrow
With contributions by Davin de Kergommeaux & Jürgen Deibel

Price: £30.00 Publishing: 3rd September 2012

By looking at established whisky-producing countries such as Scotland, Ireland and America, and innovative newcomers like Sweden, Taiwan and Australia, not to mention whisky’s growing popularity with customers in Brazil, India and China, the Whisky Opus is an unmatched exploration of the increasing popularity and ever changing geography of whisky from Banffshire to Bangalore.

Divided into chapters by country and with information panels and specially commissioned maps showing terroir, Whisky Opus identifies the key features of each whisky style, as well as the history of distilling in each region. 175 of the world’s most significant distilleries are then explored with stories from their past, quirks of production methods, particular personalities and even intriguing new trends to watch out for.

With Whisky Opus explore every whisky style, from single malt to rye, and train your palate how to recognize and appreciate them all with the help of 500 evocative and informative tasting notes for the classic, prestige and an unusual brand from every featured producer, with at least three listings per distillery

Whether you are new to the wonders of whisky or a connoisseur, you will find DK’s new book tells you everything you want to know. Elegant, classy and written by four renowned whisky writers, make Whisky Opus your tipple of choice.

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