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The Whisky Tasting Club is teaming up with Dominic Roskrow’s monthly tasting evenings at the Rumsey Wells,  St Andrews  Street, Norwich, for a series of unique tasting events that will take place at the pub while being tweeted and shared on-line.

For each event we will choose five whiskies and put them on sale as a WTC tasting pack a few weeks before the tasting so that WTC customers can join in the tasting on the night. A hashtag will be used for an online tasting happening at the same time as the Rumsey Wells event. Each event will be attended by 20 people, who will also be encouraged to join the online tweeting during the event.

After the event the combined notes will be made available online and the packs will remain on sale whilst stocks remain.

The individual themes for each month will be announced later in the month along with details as to how to book tickets for the Rumsey event or get tasting packs to join us on line. We may even video the tasting and stream it live, if we can sort out the technology.

The Autumn dates are:

Wednesday September 12

Wednesday October 10

Wednesday November 7

Wednesday December 12

more info to follow soon.

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