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Tasting notes for our Balvenie Tasting

Balvenie Signature 12 year old 40%

There are plummy, date, currant and burned sugar notes on the nose, but the taste is a surprise. A sword slash of sharp oak greets you on arrival and the oak doesn’t go completely away throughout. But that holds everything in check and an assertive rich plummy stewed berries theme battlers back to restore balance.

Balvenie Doublewood 12 year old43%

I’m not entirely convinced by this, not because it isn’t good – it is. But by this distillery’s incredible standards this is a mid table Euro contender and not Champions League. The nose is fussier, fuzzier and squidgier than the Signature, with a tad more citrus and with softer currant and plum notes through its heart. There’s more spice and green fruit, particularly apple and grape, too. It’s well made and perfectly acceptable, but no game changer.

Balvenie Founder’s Reserve  10 year old 40%

This is more like it. Plum, grape, and mince pie filling on the nose then a slightly less smooth but by no means aggressive taste which is very good indeed. Almost Highland like with its grape, barley and somewhat rural and unclosing main theme. Great – and the Balvenie I’d most like to see at 43% or 46%.

Balvenie Portwood 1993  40%

Another twist and turn in the off piste Balvenie canon, this time with red winey notes coming in to play. This is The Dude – a laid back malt which appears to be taking it easy  but has all sorts of complex issues working hard under the surface. It tastes bigger than a malt of 40% abv should, and everything is perfectly balanced, gossamer soft and chilled. Ah, man….

Balvenie Roasted Malt 14 year old 40%

This is really motoring. I like The Balvenie when it stops showing how technically proficient it is when cornering on the track, and it heads off up the hills. This is fabulous, up there with the 15 year old Single Cask and 21 year old Portwood Finish, a cracking combination of banana, vanilla, peach, and lots of prickly kick ass spices. Quirky, but superb.

ED: This is not part of the standard Balvenie pack, we have the Single Barrel 15 in addition to the other four, but we have a some roasted malt for bonus drams. First 10 who mail us then buy the Balvenie pack will get a sample of the roasted malt for free.

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