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Campbeltown tasting

Tasting notes for our Campbeltown Tasting

 Longrow CV. 46%

The nose is quite tame, with chocolate lime candy, some dusty spice and white pepper, and some peat. But what a taste! The peat dips in and out like a nifty boxer, dancing round menthol, milk chocolate, citrus and camp coffee. It’s a nippy, zippy delight and the pick of the bunch so far.

Springbank 15 year old 46%

Calm down, dear! This is altogether more stately, ordered and placid. The nose is oily, with more citrusy sherbet, lemon pith. The palate is a heady mix of peat, industrial sherry and red berries with an undertow of citrus. It works excellently for my tastes, a meaty Highland cracker, but some might find it a challenge too far.

Hazelburn CV.      46%

A spiky nose, with fizzy citrus sherbet, icing sugar, and some floral notes. It’s delicate, fragrant and pretty. The palate is light, delicate and sweet at one level but there’s a rustic Highland carpet underneath. A pretty cowgirl wearing make up and leather chaps, perhaps?

Kilkerran Work in Progress 3.    46%

Vegetable oil, paprika, and green salad on the nose, and green apple, big full pepper and spice on the palate. There’s a hint of mint in here, some youthful barley, and certainly this isn’t the finished article. But there’s lots to be excited by and the peat, pepper and prickly pear make for a beautiful picture, albeit one not fully in focus.

Glen Scotia 12 year old,    40%

The nose is nothing to write home about, a mixture of a musty living room shortly after it’s been vacated by a group of farty school boys, and a festering bowl of over-ripe fruit. After a while some grapefruit and toffee scramble out.

It picks up on the palate. It’s much spicier and sharper than expected. Think grapefruit marmalade on burnt toast dipped in chili with treacle toffee on top.




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