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Whisky set for a golden decade

Whisky expert and enthusiast Mahesh Patel says that some whiskies will rise up to 20 times in value in the next decade – making it the perfect vehicle for investment in to the New Year. And the entrepreneur, collector, invents organiser and independent bottler says that anyone can get involved in whisky investment if they […]

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Green Label

I was very disappointed to hear that Johnny Walker Green Label is to be no more. One of the great things about whisky is the way that it can evoke special memories and take you to a special place. And I had a real soft spot for the Green Label, both as a drinking whisky […]

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Back in the bottle

Glenglassaugh  -pronounced Glen-glassie – today be bottled for the first time in more than 20 years as a single malt whisky. The picturesque distillery was bought more than three years ago by a business consortium but was in a terrible condition. It had been stripped bare and looters and vandals had removed anything of value. […]

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Mackmyra opens new distillery

Swedish whisky company Mackmyra will tomorrow unveil its new distillery with a bang when it holds a party complete with fireworks.   The new distillery,  in an area known as the Mackmyra Whisky Village, will catapult the independent company in to the single malt whisky super league. It will quadruple production for the company from 300,000 […]

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Balvenie Tasting

Tasting notes for our Balvenie Tasting Balvenie Signature 12 year old 40% There are plummy, date, currant and burned sugar notes on the nose, but the taste is a surprise. A sword slash of sharp oak greets you on arrival and the oak doesn’t go completely away throughout. But that holds everything in check and […]

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Why Ian Buxton is wrong on whisky investment

I read with dismay Ian Buxton’s feature on whisky investment, published on the Just Drinks website last week. It was, quite frankly, nonsense. Buxton takes issue with writers who write about whisky as an investment – er, me then; with retailers who promote whisky as in investment- whoops; and with Whyte & Mackay for ‘talking […]

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Campbeltown tasting

Tasting notes for our Campbeltown Tasting  Longrow CV. 46% The nose is quite tame, with chocolate lime candy, some dusty spice and white pepper, and some peat. But what a taste! The peat dips in and out like a nifty boxer, dancing round menthol, milk chocolate, citrus and camp coffee. It’s a nippy, zippy delight […]

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