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If you’ve got some spare money sitting in a bank account then you could do a lot worse than divert it in to premium and super premium spirits. But if you do so, be very careful who you seek advice from, choose your purchases carefully, and be prepared for the long haul. That’s the advice [...]

Every year at about this time some of the American bourbon producers release an annual release. Almost without exception they are excellent. Among them is Evan Williams Single Barrel and this release, distilled in 2002, is the 17th in the series. The whiskey was taken from a single barrel matured on the south side of [...]

Recession bites

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Whisky distilleries across Scotland are stepping up security after reports of a sharp increase in barrel and metal theft brought on by the tough economic climate. Mothballed distilleries are particularly at risk because of the amount of valuable copper in them, and in the past distilleries have been stripped of their stills, slate roofs and [...]

The barman has lined up four heavy tumblers and each contains a large ball of ice. He has a glass teapot in top which he has poured his cocktail mix and now he’s pumping apple wood smoke in to the teapot, sending clouds of smoke in  to the depths of the Savoy, leaving us fearing [...]

Those of you who know me will be aware that whatever I lack in journalistic talent I make up for with limitless energy and raw enthusiasm. But in the past my willingness to get carried away by events has opened me to ridicule so I now police myself carefully. For instance, I have a two [...]

I am delighted and proud to announce that at long last my online magazine The World Whisky Review has been published through Connosr. World Whisky Review is a bi-monthly publication focusing on world whisky from everywhere EXCEPT Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada and Japan and will include news stories, features, interviews and reviews. In the first [...]