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Dom’s Diary, Nov 1st. Dalmore Zenith

Barely a week goes by these days without another surprise in the super premium spirits category. A lot of them are created by The Dalmore, the single malt whisky owned by Whyte & Mackay.

The latest is the news that the distillery has teamed up with United Kingdom  national independent retail chain The Whisky Shop to release a ‘one of one’ bottle of rare single malt. In fact it’s very VERY rare because it’s the only bottle.

Called The Dalmore Zenith, it’s a single malt but it contains Dalmore whisky from three sources a 1964 Dalmore, a 1951 Dalmore, and a 52-year-old Dalmore distilled in 1926, the year of The Wall Street Crash, and bottled in 1978 – before Margaret Thatcher came to power in Britain.

The whisky will tour round The Whisky Shop’s 17 stores and potential buyers are being asked to make a sealed bid for it by March. The highest bidder will get the bottle, and bids are expected from across the world.

What sort of figure are you looking at? Well, bids must be a minimum of £50,000 and The Dalmore has some form here, having sold two of its three bottles of Trinitas for £100,000 and the other for £125,000.

Is this sort of super luxury pricing obscene? Maybe, but a not insignificant 10 per cent of the sale price will go to the Red Cross, and in the past other charities have benefited from this sort of sale. A year ago, for instance, a Macallan was auctioned at Sotherby’s in New York for $600,000 (£375,000) with all the money going to Water.

So what does The Dalmore Zenith taste like? Well I requested a sample and to the producers’ credit, they responded straightaway.

Unfortunately, with laughter…

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  • Too many of these being issued now.
    2 years ago I thought I was onto a good thing when I bought one of the 12 Sirius bottles, and no doubt I could realise a very healthy profit now. However within a few months we had Selene and Candela, then Oculus, then Eos, Astrum, Trinitas etc etc.
    I do not think I would have entered this area had I known that Dalmore would issue so many variants of what I am sure is a fantastic whisky.
    I have had a few promises from RP and DR at Dalmore/W&M that a sample of my Sirius would be coming my way so that I can understand more the contents of my Sirius bottle. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to have a fortune which allows me to open the Sirius!!!!

  • that would have to be some occasion to open a £10k bottle. So do they store it for you or is it in your cupboard? Not one you would want the kids to find at a party :)

  • The bottle is kept at my home – but still in the packaging it came in. In total the package weighs in at over 20kg’s!!!
    Probably now worth a good bit more than the £10k I paid for it.
    Kids are not permitted in my whisky room, and would need a decent tool kit to open the sirius package in any case

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  • well i for one am quite content with a 40 quid bottle of 15 year old glenfarclas, and find it curious as to why people buy these one offs at such a high price, ok its a very fine malt but at 50K+ would you really open it..?
    wouldnt you be better just banking the money and buying some good quality malts using the intrest you would acru, at least youd have a drink at the end of the day, anyway who knows i may win a sample of the zenith and be 50 grand better off than the full bottle buyer

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