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Greenore 18

Greenore 18 year old single grain whiskey 46% Nose: Welcoming, sweet and creamy, with great dollops of vanilla ice cream, lime toffee, candy stick and swirls of dusty sweet spice. Palate: Exquisite, the sweetness of the grain carried on a river of first, fluffy apple, and then, sweet pear. There’s a vanilla creaminess and some […]

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Highland Park Leif Eriksson. 40%

A victory for style over substance or a cheeky attempt by Highland Park’s whisky producers to mischievously play hide and seek with our taste buds? In its favour are two factors: one, this is a reasonably priced Travel Retail bottling; and two, it’s a surprise. But there are two factors against it, too. One, it […]

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two malt whisky ghosts

I get the feeling it’s going to be a big, big year for whisky. I suspect that we will see some genuine surprises. Indeed, three malts have already turned up on my desk that raise the eyebrows and warrant a blog. So, somewhat reluctantly I am ending my self-imposed lazy spell, I bring you two […]

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Whisky tastings

I am delighted to announce that I am to start holding occasional whisky tastings at the Maid’s Head Hotel in Tombland, Norwich. I have always loved the venue and it is soaked in rich history. Eventually we may look at putting on whisky dinners, but for the time being I will hold a straightforward two […]

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