The Whisky Tasting Club

Book Tour Part 2

Week 1, Tuesday Nov 16 and November 17

Obviously being a rock star of slightly senior years I don’t gig every night, and indeed I’ve got two nights off before the first serious big evening.

I do spend at least part of it talking to Eddie Gershon, who’s the promoter for Thursday and who calls me to say he can’t talk just now but then continues to talk for 20 minutes about what I can expect on Thursday.

I worked out that I have been an acquaintance of Eddie for nearly 20 years now. We first spoke when he took on PR for Wetherspoons when it was just Tim Martin and thread pubs. He’s still there 19 years later. I think he’s a former Sun reporter and he’s a whizz at the press stuff.

Anyway I never knew Eddie was a Jew but he’s very keen to talk about it.

“All my friends are lawyers and accountants,” he says. “it’s the cliche about jews counting money in back streets only they are all working for international companies.”

Whisky is apparently kosher, some of these guys have vast collections, they know Sukhinder Singh at The Whisky Exchange. No pressure then.

He tells me he wants to serve traditional Jewish food, lots of herring and fish balls . I think he’s subconsciously bracing me for a culture shock and he’s right to do so.

I am a bit nervous but excited by the challenge.

Waterstones in Norwich has a brilliant window  display for my book so I pop in to say thank you. They have sold more than 40 tickets for next week. It will sell out before the weekend.

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