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Book Tour Part One: Rumsey Wells, Norwich

Week 1, Mon Nov 15

Being the saddo I am, I pretend that my tasting events are rock gigs, so now I have a proper tour to do, I’m in my element.

I’ve done a whole host of press interviews just like a proper rock star,  and I’ve had two press events including one at Quilon which was weird because normally I am on the press side of the table, so witnessing a pack of them from afar was a novel experience.

They talked through my talk, consumed as much whisky wine and beer as they were allowed, seemed to pay only passing interest in the point of evening, then left.

Is that what I did on press jollies. Apparently so. I was a bit put out.

No need though.

“I thought that went rather well,” said the PR woman, and it had. The stories written by those journalists have been excellent. They can talk through my presentation any time they like if that’s what’s needed.

So Monday night is my first gig proper but really it’s little more than a home town warm up. I wasn’t expecting big numbers anyway but it’s a foul night and I have six cancellations.I’m not over bothered – my big Norfolk events are all next week.

Because this lot are my regulars plus my favourite two youngsters, Rosie and friend, and are hence hard to please, I opt for a mix of Maxxium greatest hits and some obscure fan pleasers including Henry Mckenna single barrel.

But the clear favourites on a show of hands are Highland Park 12 and Laphroaig Quarter Cask, and everyone seems happy enough.

Mind you I still get grumpy when Peter from Wymondham wants to walk back to the station a different route and jeopardises my late night kebab. I make it though, and all the training goes out the window. Worryingly I get a free drink from my Turkish friends. I’m kidding myself that it is because I am so nice and friendly to them. I suspect it’s because I’ve qualified on a points scheme as a regular.

Kev the conductor is on the train so we travel first class, and I sell two books. How many people can claim to make £45 on the 10 minute train journey home? Or, come to think of it, legitimately eat kebabs in first class.

Maxxium have sponsored my tour. Maxxium is home to Ardmore, Highland Park, The Macallan, Glenrothes, Laphroaig and Teachers.

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