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Glenmorangie Finealta

Dom on Holiday? - Ed.

I’ve just come back off holiday and gone 15 days without a malt. But first day back the new Glenmorangie work in progress -Finealta – turned up. That’s special!

I actually tasted it just before the holiday for Whisky Magazine’s September new tasting releases. This is what I said about it:

NR15     46%

Nose: Spirity. A bit sharp at first. Then soy sauce and then big fruit. Lots going on but a badly tuned radio of a nose – every time you pick up something good it disappears again.

Palate: Golly, another surprise. Rich and sweet, with apricot, berries, dark chocolate and plenty of sweet pepper.

 Finish: Rich, solid fruity and spicy. 

 Comment: Really? Wouldn’t have called that. Those holiday taste buds again. A bit of a radical departure for Glenmorangie, but an exciting one.

Score 8.1

The whiskies are tasted blind and then you’re told what they are to make a comment – hence the note of surprise. But to be honest I had a lot of tasting to do before I went away including a stack of red wine finishes from GlenDronach and BenRiach and I always struggle with them. I was also thrown by a Glenkinchie which I liked but Dave Broom said was soapy so it could be that the taste bud on holiday comment is spot on.

Tonight I returned to the Glenmorangie again.

"peaty squelchy Highland pond style" - I'm calling this "Pondy" style whisky- Ed.

The name means ‘elegant’ but I’m not sure that’s an aproppriate descriptor at all. This malt’s actually based on a 105 year old version of the malt and there’s a distinctly varoomy peaty squelchy Highland pond style to it. The spice I talk about? Peat. I’d add a whole savory aspect to my notes on the palate. But I’m sticking with my conclusion and score. Very interesting, Dr Lumsden…

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