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Three Amrut Tastings

Amrut Double Cask

Limited to just 306 bottles, this is already very rare.

Nose: A big wave of citrus fruits, mainly blood orange or kumquat, trace soft peach. Rich, almost liqueur-like and very clean fresh

Palate: Not as rich or as viscous as the nose suggests, but with a lot of orange fruit and a nice gentle wave of spice to rein everything in. Not cloying at all. Refreshing and very more-ish.

Finish: Medium long, nicely balanced between fruit and spice.

At the time of writing this is still being advertised for sale for £74.99 at Whisky Online, whether they actually have it is another matter (ed.)

Amrut New make 63.4%

This is peated at 55ppm but you’d never know it from the nose.

Nose: Very fruity, soft over-ripe pear, distinct liquorice and the gentlest carpet of wafting steam engine smoke.

Palate: Now the peat makes its presence felt, but it doesn’t overwhelm the fruit or liquorice and this is all very smooth and gentle given the strength. No sharpness at all.
the new make is not for sale (ed.)

 Amrut Two Continents    46%

Four and a half years maturing in India, two years in Europe.

 Nose: Green apple, fresh, with some spice, some orange, sweet.

 Palate: Peach, orange, citrus fruits and a trace of spice and oak, all perfectly in balance.

 Finish: Full, soft, rounded and orangey. A delight.

sold out at the Whisky Exchange, its still being advertised elsewhere for around £46 (ed.)


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