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Caol Ila 25

A new addition to the core Caol Ila range, this is a graceful whisky which is far too refined to get mixed up in the peat battle between Ardbeg and Bruichladdich, opting for an altogether softer and almost feminine approach.

 Nose: Soft, almost buttery, with pear and guava, dusty malt and gentle peat and pepper, but all refined, relaxed and unhurried.

Palate: Initially fruity and oily, with brine and spice, apple pip, a trace of anise and a dominant but not brutal late arriving wave of peat and pepper. The age can just about be discerned from the sharp oaky tannin hit late on.The finish is long, peaty and fruity.


Comment: Some might find this a little bit too clever and constrained for its own good, and I still prefer the 18 year old. But it’s still a joy from start to finish, and will delight Islay lovers who have grown tired of the ‘peat up to 11′ bottlings which have dominated the category recently. Purrs with peat and pepper, rather than pounds you with it.

The associated press release is here.  It will retail at £135.  ABV 43%.

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  • Glad to hear it! I’ve no idea why there is such an obsession with ppm levels and the ‘let’s see how peaty we can make this one’. If I wanted to swallow an ashtray I would.

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