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Duthies Tasting

Our club member tasting for April if from the Duthies range from the Springbank owned Cadenhead stable. Established in 1842 by William Cadenhead and George Duncan in Aberdeen, Cadenhead’s are Scotlands’s oldest independent bottler and purveyor of whisky, rum and gin. William Cadenhead is in fact more famous as a poet than a vintner, although […]

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St George’s English Whisky Company Royal Baby Bottling (50% abv)

To celebrate the birth of Prince George, St George’s released a limited number of bottles of this. Unfortunately, they have already sold out. Hopefully Kate and Wills got hold of at least one bottle. Nose: Rich and fruity but not grotesquely heavy. Belgian chocolate ice cream. Salt. Butterscotch. There is obviously a sizeable sherry element […]

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Pat on Auchentoshan (again)

Auchentoshan have just released their virgin oak matured single malt. Just to clarify, this is solely matured in virgin oak, not merely finished in it. Now this, coming from the distillery with one of the most subtle taste profiles in Scotland, is rather an oddity. There is no idea of age but the virgin oak […]

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The WTC does Whisky Live London

Having won VIP tickets through the lovely people at Compass Box, Tony and I ventured down to Whisky Live London on Saturday.  For Tony, this provided something of a dilemma: does he go to the Emirates or does he spend an afternoon drinking whisky and making new contacts in the industry. Naturally, he did both, […]

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VIP Tasting 2nd Nov 2010

Tonight was a mini press launch for Dom’s new book ‘The World’s Best Whiskies: 750 unmissable drams from Tain to Tokyo’ involving Andrew Nelstrop from the St. George’s distillery, Marcin Miller from the number one drinks company and several chaps from Archant.  In front of them was a row of empty glasses and several bottles […]

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Pat goes to Bowmore

Sunday 10th October One day until I fly out to Glasgow and I’m nervous, although I don’t really have time to be. Between bouts of packing, I am marking MSc dissertations, preparing for 6 consecutive hours teaching tomorrow and looking up Colin Prior on the internet ( Colin is the reason I’m going to Islay, […]

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New club offers whisky galore

British whisky fans are being offered the chance to try a selection of new and exciting whiskies thanks to a new on-line business. The Whisky Tasting Club, which is launched today, offers malt drinkers packs of five different whiskies in 5cl bottles. The whiskies are accompanied by information and comprehensive tasting notes from a number […]

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So we think a key component of our product is that the tastings can go through the letterbox. We want to avoid those annoying “we missed you” notes that can involve a trip to the sorting office. This gives us two problems: firstly we need to get the tastings into small letter sized packages; and secondly […]

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Cutting corners

This web stuff is pretty silly, they make a big play of involving proper software engineering, but ultimately like everything to do with interfaces it decends into dirty hacking. I thought it might be nice to have round corners on my div sections. One minute of Googling reveals the normal way to do this is to draw four corners as […]

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Blogs and the Law

I figured out how to add our banner to the blogs and have integrated all three blogs with the rest of the website. The main site still needs significant redesign, but it’s all a work in progress. I fixed the header by hacking the theme header.php files, but unfortunately I will need a new theme for every […]

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