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Glengoyne have launched an extend range of bottlings, and were kind enough to send us some samples. We split them between me (Tony) and Pat. Pat drew the curtains, cleansed his palate, meditated for an hour or so, then allowed the whisky to interact with his nose and taste buds in strange and interesting ways. […]

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English Whisky Co. Chapter 11

 So our local distillery St. George’s are releasing a new Chapter soon. Chapter 11 is heavily peated (55ppm) and comes in two guises: cask strength (59.7%) and regular (46%). Dominic will review this for Malt Advocate, so look out there for his in depth comments. What he has said so far (via twitter) is “46% version […]

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The Purl Triplewood Cocktail

Dom and I went to a Laphroaig tasting at Purl, Marlebone, London. Dom has written about the tasting on his own blog. I wanted to describe a cocktail invented by their mixologist (and proprietor) Tristan for the occasion. He called it the Triplewood cocktail, but I think it should be called the Purl Triplewood. 30ml […]

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August Whisky Shop Tasting

The Whisky Shop Norwich holds free shop tastings for their regulars. I was in the shop this morning talking WTC with Dom and realised I’ve never been to one of these events. For such an inveterate boozer as me that seemed an oversight, so tonight I went along to have a look. The Whisky Shop is quite […]

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August Tasting: Whisky World Beaters

Our latest tasting saw us back in the basement (or as they call it, “the Underbelly”) of the Rumsey Wells pub. The Rumsey Wells is a fine example of how pubs need to adapt to the modern market. For decades the St Andrews Tavern (as it used to be called) was an old mans’ real […]

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Whisky World Cup Round 4

So to recap, we are in Micawbers Tavern, in the heart of medieval Norwich (and handily 100 yards from our house) and have just finished round three of the whisky world cup. After a brief interval to cleanse our palates (Nelson’s Revenge is good for that) we dived in to group 4. Many would think tasting 10 whiskies […]

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English Whisky Co., Chapter 9, St George’s Distillery

Dom visited St George’s distillery on Monday 7th June 2010. Apparently he had a marvellous time raiding their casks and will blog about the experience later. He did remember to bring us back a sample of the new expression, Chapter 9, so Michelle, Pat and I went into Norwich to taste it. All comments should be qualified by the […]

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So we think a key component of our product is that the tastings can go through the letterbox. We want to avoid those annoying “we missed you” notes that can involve a trip to the sorting office. This gives us two problems: firstly we need to get the tastings into small letter sized packages; and secondly […]

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