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To cut a long story short (and because I can’t think of a better way to start this off) I decided to try out some of Cooley’s Connemara range. Cooley do a nifty little three pack, in packaging shaped like a Norman church, or more specifically Winchester cathedral, although that’s where the religious analogy ends […]

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Auchentoshan 1975 bourbon matured

Auchentoshan 1975 bourbon matured: 46.9% ABV   Auchentoshan have just released a 35 year old 1975 vintage, retailing at about £350.  Numbers are limited to 500 bottles.  This comes as part of a line of Auchentoshan vintages, including last year’s 1977 sherry matured and the 1978 bourbon matured.  Dom will review this on his blog […]

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Bowmore 1982 Vintage

Bowmore 1982 Vintage:    47.3% ABV Bowmore has released the second in their vintage series.  This 29 year-old expression has aged in Bowmore’s famous number 1 vault, from which the sea is separated only by the distillery walls.  It is limited to 501 bottles and is available from June 2011. Dom will review this on his […]

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The WTC does Whisky Live London

Having won VIP tickets through the lovely people at Compass Box, Tony and I ventured down to Whisky Live London on Saturday.  For Tony, this provided something of a dilemma: does he go to the Emirates or does he spend an afternoon drinking whisky and making new contacts in the industry. Naturally, he did both, […]

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VIP Tasting 2nd Nov 2010

Tonight was a mini press launch for Dom’s new book ‘The World’s Best Whiskies: 750 unmissable drams from Tain to Tokyo’ involving Andrew Nelstrop from the St. George’s distillery, Marcin Miller from the number one drinks company and several chaps from Archant.  In front of them was a row of empty glasses and several bottles […]

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Pat goes to Bowmore

Sunday 10th October One day until I fly out to Glasgow and I’m nervous, although I don’t really have time to be. Between bouts of packing, I am marking MSc dissertations, preparing for 6 consecutive hours teaching tomorrow and looking up Colin Prior on the internet ( Colin is the reason I’m going to Islay, […]

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August VIP Tasting

Some years ago (I can’t tell you exactly when as it’s lost in a kind of a spirity haze) Dom had a great idea. This isn’t an unusual event in itself as Dom has lots of great ideas, but in this particular case he had decided that it was a good idea to extend his […]

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The Whisky World Cup Final

Those of us who have followed football over the past 20 or so years will remember the 1994 World Cup when it was predicted that Africa would soon produce a world champion from among its ranks. Even if the likes of Nigeria, South Africa and Ivory Coast didn’t get as far as they had hoped […]

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