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Bowmore Tempest Batch 3

Bowmore Tempest Batch 3 Dominic’s notes: Duhh-de. Duhh- de…. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to The Bowmore… This is Bon Jovi playing Queens of The Stone Age, an X Factor contestant playing stoner rock…all scuzzy, oily, dirty rock and roll malt with its heart in the gutter. The cask strength […]

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Chocolate and Whisky

Chocolate and whisky is a classic combo. Being a bit poncy, we favour quality hand made chocolate truffles and excellent Scotch. So Christmas is coming, you have the whisky, what chocolate should you choose for that evening by the fire moment? WTC are big fans of Norfolk chocolate makers Booja Booja. They make some amazing […]

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Testing the no free lunch theorem

Since there has been so much discussion about blogger blagging, we thought we would  test the  No Free Lunch Theorem by accepting Auchentoshan’s invitation to a dinner at a lovely french restaurant in south ken.       Two return tickets to London: £60   Couple of pints each in a London pub: £20   Jacket inexplicably lost in the […]

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Distillery online clubs

we were recently asked to promote Balvenie’s online “club” Warehouse 24 and it got me (Tony) thinking about other clubs. Distilleries are playing catch up with online marketing and there are often benefits of membership. So my advice to you would be to set up a new googlemail dedicated to these and get joining. These […]

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New club offers whisky galore

British whisky fans are being offered the chance to try a selection of new and exciting whiskies thanks to a new on-line business. The Whisky Tasting Club, which is launched today, offers malt drinkers packs of five different whiskies in 5cl bottles. The whiskies are accompanied by information and comprehensive tasting notes from a number […]

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Whisky World Cup qualifying round 3

The truth about our whisky tasting group is that one flight is never enough, so we held rounds three and four of the whisky world cup on the same night. Please bear this in mind when reading the tasting comments below.  Our usual pubs were being used by regular paying customers, so at the last minute […]

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Cutting corners

This web stuff is pretty silly, they make a big play of involving proper software engineering, but ultimately like everything to do with interfaces it decends into dirty hacking. I thought it might be nice to have round corners on my div sections. One minute of Googling reveals the normal way to do this is to draw four corners as […]

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Blogs and the Law

I figured out how to add our banner to the blogs and have integrated all three blogs with the rest of the website. The main site still needs significant redesign, but it’s all a work in progress. I fixed the header by hacking the theme header.php files, but unfortunately I will need a new theme for every […]

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Tony`s Technical Traumas

Hi, I’m going to use this blog to moan about the technical hassles I’m having setting up this website, no doubt I will get millions of followers I might make my students follow and answer, muhhaaaahhh, the abuse of power! Update so far. WordPress and phpBB fantastically easy to install. Concentrating on getting Dom’s blog […]

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First Post

Hello, this is the first post on the WTC blog. This blog will contain updates and news relating to the club. For whisky opinion, see Dom’s blog.

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