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St George’s English Whisky Company Royal Baby Bottling (50% abv)

To celebrate the birth of Prince George, St George’s released a limited number of bottles of this. Unfortunately, they have already sold out. Hopefully Kate and Wills got hold of at least one bottle.

Nose: Rich and fruity but not grotesquely heavy. Belgian chocolate ice cream. Salt. Butterscotch. There is obviously a sizeable sherry element here, but, no obvious signs of sulphur taint. Slightly perfumy and aromatic.

Taste: Rich, fruity and nutty with the now signature St. George’s kick of spice. I am immediately reminded (and forgive me if I sound a twat and a pseud here) of the Jura 21 year old 200th anniversary bottling with the lovely rounded and soft fruitcakey note, albeit with a load more spice. I loved that bottling, too. The finish is highly-spiced but with a soft and mellow undertow, if such a paradox is possible.

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