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Chocolate and Whisky

Chocolate and whisky is a classic combo. Being a bit poncy, we favour quality hand made chocolate truffles and excellent Scotch. So Christmas is coming, you have the whisky, what chocolate should you choose for that evening by the fire moment? WTC are big fans of Norfolk chocolate makers Booja Booja.

They make some amazing truffles, we are particularly keen on the Raspberry Ecuadorian.  Now at this point we thought we should do a chocolate and whisky tasting. Rather than get lots of chocolate and see which goes best with a popular whisky, we got loads of Booja Booja truffles and set out to decide which whisky went best with each flavour. We are after all a whisky tasting club.

1. Raspberry Ecuadorian Truffles

This is a dark, zingy chocolate we found went really well with the Dalwhinnie 15 year old. It is sometimes described as one of the gentlest whiskies around. The light fruity floral character of the whisky perfectly combines with the coconut and raspberry of the truffle. We also thought the Aberlour 12 year old was a great match. The raspberry flavour of the truffle and the sherry notes of the whisky team up to sunning effect, making a fruity trifle in your mouth.

2. Dark Ecuadorian Truffles:

This chocolate is more traditional, and hence can handle a more full on whisky. We liked it with Compass Box Spice Tree. The flavours of the whisky and the Ecuadorian truffle interleave to create a long, smooth and cocoa dusted experience with an almost rum and raisin kick at the end. We also went for Lagavulin distillers edition. Perhaps the ultimate whisky with chocolate, the sherry finish worked well with the Dark Ecuadorian.

So what a nice way of spending an evening. What next? What else goes well with whisky? Beer? Sushi? Hangovers? watch this space.

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