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Bowmore 1982 Vintage

Bowmore 1982 Vintage:    47.3% ABV

Bowmore has released the second in their vintage series.  This 29 year-old expression has aged in Bowmore’s famous number 1 vault, from which the sea is separated only by the distillery walls.  It is limited to 501 bottles and is available from June 2011.

Dom will review this on his blog once he gets through his backlog. Below are Pat’s thoughts.

Nose: Distant Parma violets, slightly tarry, dry perfumy sweetness.
Taste: More Parma violets then a kind of light sootiness wrapped in an oaky sheen.  Peppermint leaves.

Overall: Like the 28 year old 1981 vintage Bowmore released last year, this has the trademark Parma violet sweetness that older Bowmores have in spades, plus a light tarriness.  The oak is beautifully integrated without impinging on the lighter flavours and it finishes up with a light pepperminty note. Basically, it’s Bowmore, so it’s going to be good.  If you like the dry perfumyness that older Bowmores have, then go for it, although obviously this ain’t going to be cheap, selling for around £300 per bottle. Highly collectable of course, the recent limited edition 1983 vintage feis ile release retailed at £350 and sold on ebay a few days later for £615

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  • Can you tell me where I can buy a bottle of The Bowmore 1982 Ltd to 501 bottles. I have tried web sites that sell whisky but have been unable to track one down.
    Many thanks,
    William Shanks

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