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English Whisky Co., Chapter 9, St George’s Distillery

Dom visited St George’s distillery on Monday 7th June 2010. Apparently he had a marvellous time raiding their casks and will blog about the experience later. He did remember to bring us back a sample of the new expression, Chapter 9, so Michelle, Pat and I went into Norwich to taste it. All comments should be qualified by the fact that we tasted it in tiny plastic glasses!

English Whisky Company, Chapter 9. 46% ABV, retails at £39.99. Cask: American Bourbon 1st Fill. Age: 3 years. On the bottle it says “Peated/Smokey” It is peated at 32 ppm.  

Dominic says:

Nose: A shy and retiring nose with wispy smoke and summer hay.

Taste: First wave is creamy honey and sweet apple with a delayed healthy hit of peat. This gives way to a Liquorice Allsorts flavour, the round blue and pink bobbly ones, you know the ones I mean (ed: is there a specific name for these?).

Finish: Surprisingly and amazingly well integrated, the finish gives toffee apples, a bit of pepper and a touch of wood. It’s short to medium long and very pleasant.

Tony says: Very light nose, not much going on there, but it has a lovely light peat taste without any of the barley aftertaste you get in other young whiskies. As you would expect, it’s not massively complex, but its very drinkable and high quality. I liked the chapter 6 (bought two bottles), but I think this is a step forward. The peat mitigates the youth of the spirit without compromising the fresh, lemony taste that seems to be becoming the St George’s signature. I think they were right to not go the whole hog with higher levels of peat, it is balanced as it is and seems to work well.  I think it’s a bit expensive at £40, but there is no denying it’s a quality product, and after the prices we saw on our Islay Festival trip it seems to me that everyone is trying to up the price for premium whisky (err, thats why it’s premium I guess?)

Pat: Nose: light with a touch of stewed fruit, merest hint of peat. Taste: apples and late peat. Finish: slightly woody/oaky finish.

Michelle:  Nose: roasted sweetcorn, a bit of diesel and demerara sugar. Taste: peppery wood. Finish: yes I have, want some more!  

Overall, I think its safe to say we are all very impressed by it, Tony and Dom more so than Michelle who likes her whiskies loooong. Whereas the chapter 6 was young but full of promise, the chapter 9 is a more complete, rounded whisky. The mystery of where chapters 7 and 8 are is explained on their website. You can buy it direct from them at £39.99

The local paper has an article on this here:

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  • Great review, cheers!. The comment about the bobbly liquorice allsorts is just the sort of thing that will make me come back and read the next review and I especially like that you have 4 people giving their thoughts, not just 1 who may not share my tastes. Michelle, can you differentiate between diesel and unleaded?? Look forward to the next one!

  • Interesting that they say they will bring out a whisky for ‘peat monsters’ later. Looking forward to that!

  • hmmm, peat monster, thats me

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