The Whisky Tasting Club


So we think a key component of our product is that the tastings can go through the letterbox. We want to avoid those annoying “we missed you” notes that can involve a trip to the sorting office. This gives us two problems: firstly we need to get the tastings into small letter sized packages; and secondly we need to make sure they cannot break. The maximum depth for small letter is 25 mm. Most 5 cl bottles are over 30 mm deep.  Also glass bottles offer a much greater risk of breakage. We have found some plastic minature bottles that fit the bill. Our worry is, does plastic effect the whisky? We will be doing some extensive testing over the next month. I hope that as long as we make up tastings regularly (rather than bottling up large numbers and having them sit around for ages) things will be ok, but if you have any opinions on this please let us know.

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