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Blogs and the Law

I figured out how to add our banner to the blogs and have integrated all three blogs with the rest of the website. The main site still needs significant redesign, but it’s all a work in progress. I fixed the header by hacking the theme header.php files, but unfortunately I will need a new theme for every blog if I want to keep the secondary menu. Still, it’s linked in now, time to drive some traffic to Dom’s blog, not sure anyone will ever read this!

The other thing we are doing is getting an alcohol licence. For the business property (i.e. our house), you have to draw a diagram of the premises (i.e. our spare room), put an ad in the local paper and also put up a notice outside the house in addition to filling out a form more appropriate to nightclubs (I don’t think we need a plan for late night drinkers for example, unless it’s a plan for me to drink less). One of us then has to get a personal licence. Michelle is doing  this, she has to go on a day long course and confirm she hasn’t got a drink problem…. get through that and cough up a couple of hundred quid and we should be there. If we get rejected we have a problem, but I think it should be ok.

After that, the next task is to get the forum up and linked in and find someone to post there. Next is to tidy up and add to the content on the main page, everything is just dumped there at the moment.

Still looking around for online info. Amazing how many whisky websites there are. is a whisky social network! Excellent site. All this online stuff is vital, but I don’t think it will drive that much business our way. Although I hope we get a lot of young uns, our real target demographic is 40+ men. A lot of blokes that age (i.e. my age) hate facebook/twitter/blogs. Word of mouth and direct selling will I hope get us to our first 100 punters. We aim to be selling 100 tastings a month after one year of trading. However, who knows, it might take of. This is really a part-time project for all of us, I’m enjoying it though. Tony

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