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Tony`s Technical Traumas

Hi, I’m going to use this blog to moan about the technical hassles I’m having setting up this website, no doubt I will get millions of followers :) I might make my students follow and answer, muhhaaaahhh, the abuse of power!

Update so far. WordPress and phpBB fantastically easy to install. Concentrating on getting Dom’s blog set up correctly, and although Wordpress is used by millions who presumably don’t have two degrees in computer science, it seems hard to configure. How I wonder do I change the banner to insert a picture? Do I need to edit the theme? And how do I put my menu bar along the top?  Sure I’ll sort it soon when I get some time, day job quite busy at the moment, must be easier than my fun with writing raw html with css. Next up to learn php.

Anyway, I’m trying to come up with a logo for the club. Being a computer scientist, this is not my strong point! My first effort is on the left. We will remove that line, make the font bigger and bolder and tweak it a bit, but I like it, although it is just writing on a warehouse wall!

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