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Our standard tastings cost £30, including postage. If you buy a package or if you pay for regular tastings by standing order, you get a 10% discount. All our whiskies are double measures (50ml). We use Royal Mail and our packs fit through a letter box, so no need to wait in for delivery

Our whisky tasting packs contain five double measures (5 x 50ml) of world-class whiskies especially selected by whisky writer Dominic Roskrow and a leaflet with background information and tasting notes.

If you have a specific question or have any suggestions, please contact us. or read our frequently asked questions.

Customer comments

"I think the company, concept and execution is fantastic"

"Lovely presentation and a real treat."

"The leaflet was a great read"

"This is a small sample of heaven!"

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Discovery Road


Try four whiskies from Dom's new independent bottling label, plus a bonus Millstone.

Four Pack


Buy a package of four tastings and save £10. More information.

Pat's Premium Pack


These are Pat's selections for our first premium tasting pack. It costs £45 including postage.

Get Wood

Wood Tasting

Explore the wide range of influence that wood can have on Whisky. More information.

World Beaters


Buy a round the world ticket to whisky heaven! Tasting information.

Regions of Scotland

Outstanding examples of whiskies from five of the Scottish regions. Details are here.



Five classy drams from the Wee Toon, otherwise known as Campbeltown.

Irish Tasting


Go green, sample 5 great, and very different, Irish whiskeys. More info.

Six Pack


Save £ 20 with our six pack, our packs fit through the letter box.

Highland Tasting


Have a highland fling with our Highland tasting.

Twelve Pack


A treat through the post every month, try 60 different whiskies for just £320.

Speyside Tasting


Take a trip on the whisky river with our Speyside tasting.

Hidden Gems of Highlands


Explore whiskies from less well known Highland distilleries.

Islay Tasting


Laphroaig to Kilchoman via Bowmore and Laddy, a real Islay treat. More info.

Compass Box

Compass Box

Try the Compass Box range of John Glaser's artisan whisky. click here for details.



All of Scotland on one island, five whiskies in one tasting pack.

Hidden Gems of Speyside


Have your own Speyside festival with these hidden gems.

Islands Tasting


Island hop around Arran, Jura, Mull, the Orkneys and Skye. More info.

Coastal Whiskies


Try five great salty old sea dogs with our coastal whiskies.

Bourbon Tasting


Try five of the best bourbons from the Bluegrass State. More info.

Laphroaig Tasting

Sample the five different official Laphroaig expressions. Further details. Read our Forum

Grains Tasting


Rye, corn, wheat and barley, explore the effects of different grains. click here.

Rye Tasting


Try, try some American rye. five great rye whiskies.



Zoot alors! Try all five of the amazing whiskies in the Aberlour range.



Optimus aqua vitae from the weird and wacky Benriach range

Looking for a whisky tasting as a gift? We have a wide range of whisky tastings and whisky gift packages to suit all tasting. Our whisky tastings contain four, five andsix whiskies on a theme, tasting notes and background information and start from £20 plus £2.95 Post and Packaging. All whisky tastings are especially selected by whisky journalist and author Dominic Roskrow. Each whisky tasting takes a theme or focuses on a particular distillery.